“Great for osteoporosis. Best silica product I have found. Fractures healing well & faster.
Increased hair & nail growth.”

-Charles Ruckel, DC.

“Potassium Chloride is our repeat sales item because it works better than any other brand…comments of [relief from] restless legs and leg cramps are heard almost daily.”

-Molly Allen

“I first used Can-Gest tea 14 years ago when I had a gallstone attack that led to pancreatitis…It relieved the burning pain in my gallbladder & pancreas. Stopped my vomiting. I stayed on it for a year and have had no more gallbladder/stomach issues.”

-Renee Smith

“After taking two Magnesium Chloride tablets in the evening I go to sleep much easier, seem to sleep sounder, wake up more rested and don’t seem to have the aches and pains I used to have upon rising. I’m over 60…this product has helped me so much.”

-Ms. Briggs

“Magic! I'm so impressed with Can-gest. As a drinker and bartender this is by far my favorite hangover cure! Take some before drinking and in the morning after and your good to go! Thank you Alta for all your amazing products, you never disappoint!”

-Brielle Burke

“Silica for bone density, hair, & fracture healing.”

-Linda Yeatts, MD

“Just yesterday I had an older woman tell me she was taking Alta Silica ‘for her hair and nails’ and that after a few months her doctor told her that her bone density had increased to normal!”

-Chris Barr



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